Sunday, April 22, 2007

Williamsburg, VA and "Cry Witch"

We're having a great time in Williamsburg! Saturday night we went to see "Cry Witch", a witch trial where we got to judge the witch! we acquitted her 42 to 41! I sat right next to the Judge! he's the one in the red in the picture...and no, I'm not the's the other woman! We had a blast. Today we drove over to VA Beach...beautiful beach and ocean and not quite as tacky as Myrtle Beach! We're here until May 2nd...we're going to go to MD via the Chesapeake Bay and see if it's somewhere we want to go after we leave here! Not sure when we'll be home! I may never get in a plane again! unless it's to go to Ireland except now I've discovered that I'm Scotch-Irish, maybe it's Scotland and Ireland! The Boyd's came from Scotland to Ireland so I'm a bit of a mutt on my biological dad's side! I even have a tartan! Andy and Harley are having fun...Andy has two girlfriends and Harley is getting jealous! There are lots of us old retired people here who stay for longer than a weekend! Still haven't found anyone to play canasta Estelle! This week we're going to spend more time at Williamsburg and do the museums. Thanks goodness for a permanent housesitter!

If you want to be CEO of a company getting ready to set up diagnostic and cancer centers in China, let me know! ...a little strange to turn down opportunities! Woody says I'm finally getting the hang of saying I'm retired!

Hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Savannah and Hilton Head and Beyond!

We've had a delightful week in Savannah with a side trip to Hilton Head. My friend Donna always raves about Hilton Head and she's right. It's second to Destin in my book! When I win the lottery, we'll consider it among our favorite places! We saw all the sites of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and had dinner at some fabulous restaurants! We highly recommend Pearl's Saltwater Grill. Thanks to Holly the Park Ranger for the recommendation! We're staying at Skidaway Island State Park and it's fabulous. The setting is serene and wooded...however, the RV is covered with pollen! We're having bad storms tonight so if we don't blow away, it will be washed off we hope! Tomorrow we head to Myrtle Beach!

Friday, April 6, 2007

My Haiga's on the Web!
Check this out! The Haiga Pages! A Directory of Contemporary Haiga Artists!
I've joined a Haiga group and they've accepted and published on the web four of my efforts! We're heading out to take more pictures so I'll be inspired to write more Haiku! I've also started working with my new software, Corel Paint Shop Pro...see what I can do!