Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I'm Commercial! and I've Started My Book!

I've spent the last few weeks adding photos to Big Stock Photo . These are different than the artsy photos I've posted at and are a bit more utilitarian. I'm actually selling a few pictures here and there. I've also started a book of my Haiga! That's a digital image plus a Haiku, a traditional Japanese poetry form that involves three lines of 5/7/5 syllables. I'll have to find an agent to tell me if I have any shot at getting it published! So if any of you know an agent, let me know! Just wanted you to know why I've been slow to post! Will let you know how my new career goes!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Travel and No Work!

We're trying to get ready for our great adventure that begins in April! We have a new roommate that will live with us so that we can travel. We're also looking at our summer plans. Perhaps Jackson Hole and Yellowstone? I guess after I pay my taxes I'll know how far we can go! Opryland may be looking good. Just not planning on working much after all. Had great plans to work part time but busy busy busy. And work doesn't fit! I'm really getting into retirement...far more than what I thought! I love it...even more when I talk to my friends who are still working. Last night we went to the Gallatin Senior Citizens Center...we were groupies for Jane and Bill's band. They are our breakfast buds! Will finish later!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Writing and Photography! and Hilliary!

This has been a few fun days! I've uploaded pictures to Big Stock Photo since I'm not having any luck with selling on Yessy! . Maybe I can sell more as stock photos...we'll see. Maybe people like Flamingos! I've also rewritten an article on an old house renovation that I'm going to try to get published! I just love being creative...still not making any money with my artistic endeavors but I'm not giving up yet!

Just did a phone survey on the 2008 Presidential Elections...Hilliary all the way! My dad would be so proud. Not sure when the work locally will start, but I'll sign up to help! A lot of people are closet Hilliary fans but afraid to be public due to the hassle factor. have screwed up this country for years...maybe it's time for a strong woman. I think of all the fun jokes about had the Wise Men been women, we would have made a casserole, wrapped the presents, baby sat...well, you get the picture! Same for the war on terror...just turn a bunch of us menopausal women loose and things might have been resolved sooner!

The woodman is off at a car show so I get to do my thing! But now, have to go vacuum! What an exciting life I lead in retirement...and I love it! Life is good!

Sunday, March 4, 2007


My latest thought is to write a friends know I sing constantly, and, if I had been brave, would have loved to have been a lounge singer! Just hanging out today with my piano...apparently there is software that will actually assign chords to your words! I thought you actually had to be able to play. I still play for fun but not like I used to play...I can still play a mean hymn! We'll see how this goes. Eventually I guess I'll focus, but right now it's fun to just flit from idea to idea. After being in such a structured world for so long, the freedom is overwhelming. Writing, songwriting, photography, crafts, many ideas...I just have to pick! Certainly it's a new world! Still can't get excited about consulting...I guess if I ever get bored I'll try to pick up a little more work, but right now, I just don't want too!