Thursday, July 5, 2012

My 45th High School Reunion!

If you've been following my posts, you know that last weekend was my 45th Jackson High School reunion...or as Woody says, our first H.S. dance! I had not been to a reunion since my 10th so I hadn't seen these wonderful "old" friends in 35 years...except for Rombye.  Rombye has a great leather works offering called The Cordwainer is their site. We see her twice a year at our Artisan Fair in Nashville. was great to reconnect with tons of people who were an important part of my life back in high school! We almost didn't get to go because Woody wrecked his motorcycle on his trip with Mike. One separated shoulder and tons of bumps and bruises and sore muscles later, he still troopered on and escorted me! Today you get a few tips, not just one....don't let an almost 70 year old man ride a motorcycle and don't even think about missing your high school reunion!

I was really surprised that all of us so easily integrated was like we were never apart. I think all of us had a few trepidations over a few extra pounds, some gray hair, and baggage carried over from high school. I know I'd been on a diet for months which unfortunately still didn't make me tall, thin and blond. What we found is that regardless of circumstances or size, we still loved each other and saw us as we used to be! Well, except...we had to sit up straight, girls up, and no side shot photos! Lots of hugs, a few adult beverages, some tears (that would be Patsy), dancing (YMCA and the electric slide), singing (that would be Donna and me and Carol and Pat G. and a few others), a great brunch at the Baker's Rack in the old Holland's building (one of my favorite shopping places in Jackson along with Kisber's and Rosenbloom's), and lots of talking (really gossiping but we don't say that, bless your heart)! I missed several good friends who either had scheduling conflicts or were chicken and didn't show! I know who you are and will make sure you show at our 50th! I won't miss another one as long as I'm still around! It was a blast! Thanks to Mary Helen, Donna and the rest of the reunion committee who made this a weekend to remember!