Friday, May 25, 2007

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Haven't had two minutes to write! We've, of course, been traveling constantly since we left Williamsburg! We've hiked to the falls at the Natural Bridge outside of Roanoke, VA; spent hours exploring Roanoke Rapids and the surrounding community, river and canal! After driving all the way across VA to get to the Blue Ridge Parkway, we drove all the way back to the coast to stay in Ocean Isle, NC at Chrittopher's new beach house! For a boy who couldn't keep a job, he's finally at 35 got his act together it seems! Now if we can keep his little sister headed in the right far so good, but she's paying for the lifestyle she chose between 18-30 right now, especially with her son. Libby is like Chris...soon a new job with UPS, great house, good significant other who works constantly, and having a ball fishing, four wheeling and being a good all around kid! Just not sure where the redneck tomboy came from...well, I know where the tomboy came from, just not the bass fishing, four wheeling side of things!

We stayed at lots of KOA camps on Woody and Pat's excellent adventure and were quite pleased, especially with the KOA in Wytheville, VA. It was fabulous. We did however hit the KOA in Shallotte/Brunswick at the beginning of Bike Week in Myrtle Beach just down the road! Never saw so many Harley's in my life! Amazingly quiet though...think Wild Hogs! A bit fact was the most expensive campground we stayed in the whole trip. We did get one night free because we were camping during a "special" promotion! It was really nice. The KOA in Myrtle Beach was nice, but we only stayed one night on the way north. It didn't appear to be too close to the beach either! The only campground that was a bit iffy was a Jellystone in Emporia, VA...just out in the boonies but close to Roanoke Rapids which was one of Woody's favorites. I now have to add up all my KOA nights and see if I qualify for the gold card to get 15% off!!! I have to admit the hotel points plans are better. KOA should consider letting you earn free nights! And no...I'm not getting paid to say nice things about KOA's but it's a thought!

One of the best parts of our trip was Bear Den Campground in Spruce Pine, NC! Fabulous setting up on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Just don't ever take an RV up NC Hwy 226! It was horrid! We came back on 19E to Asheville and it was much better. We love Blowing Rock, NC and I'd love to live there! Great little artist colony. We stayed over two more days to go to the Blowing Rock Art Fair. Andy and Harley were the hit of the Fair in their pink stroller! We hiked miles at Linville Falls and loved every minute of it. I think I'm a mountain girl...boy when I got home to the heat...I know I'm a mountain girl now! Mountains in the summer, Florida in the winter and spring and fall in Hendersonville! Maybe that would work.

Did come home and start looking at doing a little work. Mostly writing, but we'll see what else shakes out. We aren't planning any trips until later this summer and then maybe to Gatlinburg. Haven't really spent any time there in almost 30 years! Life is good and retirement is better!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Loved Williamsburg!

Tomorrow we leave Williamsburg! We loved it here and now we must clean and get ready to leave. When you're living in the RV, it does need "coachwork" housework but smaller! We're heading to the Shenandoah Valley for a week before heading to see the grandkids. I've added lots of good pictures to my Gallery, Tranquility Found, at including fun close ups of hot rods! I've now discovered how to go to Woody's car shows profitably! We've met lots of fun people, including some from my high school! We'll definitely stay in touch. Jim's interested in publishing and I'm still working on my book of Haiga...I may try to invite submissions from my colleagues at World Haiga Club. I'm not having much free time as we're always on the go! Hopefuly I'll have more time in the Valley!