Saturday, August 28, 2010

End of the Summer!

I can not believe it is already the end of the summer!!! We leave on Thursday for a trip to Seattle and then hop the Norweigan Star for our Alaska Cruise. We just love Noweigan Cruise Line! Casual, casual, casual...jeans all the way. I dressed up too many years while working...jeans are my new uniform. Thank heaven for wonderful house and pet sitters! I'm so ready for cooler climes! Even if they are rainy.

We're leaving in just a bit to pick up Savannah for an overnight with Mimi and Grandad. She is such a treat. Libby did say they she slept all night the last few nights so it will be fun to see what she does for us. It has been such a blessing to be able to see her so much this summer. Now that Lib is back to work, we still are averaging once or twice a week. If this dratted house would sell we could be closer and then it wouldn't be so hard.

I am thinking about changing the scope of my blog as Ready for Retirement has about lived it's life...I'm full blown in retirement. So I'm thinking about how to provide tips for survival within retirement. What do you think? All these other people are making tons of money on blogs...not me! I'm going to "study" on that for a while as my granny would say!

Woody is still under the weather but not contagious so hopefully we'll head off to Alaska healthy. We'll send pictures!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wonderful fun times with granddaughter!

I just love having one of my grandchildren close enough I can see her every week! It would be fabulous if all of my grands were so close. The best part of retirement may be playing with the grands...but I am starting to get a bit discombobulated again! That seems to be my favorite word the last few months.

My friend Jane and I were talking last week about our lives...we both decided that we missed the work world but weren't sure if we wanted to go back or were just at another crossroads in our retirement journey. Not sure what all this means...for me, it may just be that our consulting this summer has been slow...if it picks up again, I'll probably be fine! I am still writing and editing, but that's really not the same. I miss the challenge of work, but not work if that makes any sense.

Saturday night Lou and Cindy and Woody and I went to Roller Derby...yes...drag out your old memories...that Roller Derby!! Apparently Nashville has a Roller Girls All Star team that competes flat track! Last night we played Ft. Wayne and won! As we were leaving the game (?), we drove by the weekend art gallery crawl gallery vs. roller contest for the crazy retired ones.
Can you believe our daughter turns 34 on the 16th? Let's see, my sister is 29 which makes me 43 since I'm 14 years older than Dana. How can a 43 year old have a 34 year old...the math is beginning to get complicated and it's all Dana's fault!
Still still on market with plans to move to Del Webb...although it is cooler in Destin this summer than here....if it weren't for Miss S, I might be moving to Destin instead of Mt. Juliet! But there is started today which must mean that cool weather is coming soon! and we're going to Alaska since I can't stand the heat anymore! Talk to you soon!