Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Friends and Family Time!

One of the nice things about being old is that you have gathered tons of friends over the ages. Whether from family or work or neighborhood or church, it's always fun to get together even if it's been years since you've been face to face! With facebook and, it is easy to reconnect with people you've lost touch with over the years. We just had a great weekend with Mike and Janis, Woody's brother and his wife at the Indy 500!  Our friend Cathy and our soon to be new friend, her husband David, are on their way from Raleigh to Chicago with a brief stop at the Edens' B&B! Or in this case B&D&B! Planning a lovely dinner at home to have lots of time for conversation and catching up.

Consider finding old friends and inviting them to come visit! It doesn't have to be fancy, just fun. Even if you haven't seen them in years, you'll love catching up, checking out who has the most wrinkles, and the cutest grandkids. You have more time now that you're retired so use it to reconnect with special people in your life.

And then, of course, there are fun times with grandkids. Off to Florida later this summer for a family vacation on the beach...the only struggle we've had thus far is our lead foot daughter and son-in-law and the slow pokes (that would be us!). I'm just going to be sure that we have the address because I'm too old to drive fast. After that trip, it's off in the RV. The housesitter is ready to guard and protect the house, the lawn and pool service engaged...all we have to do now is pack.  We're going to try to check in with some of our Florida trailer park friends that have headed north for the summer. 

You can collect new friends to go with the old ones whenever you open yourself to the possibility. Have fun this summer and collect some memories and new people to add to your circle of life.