Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aloha from Hawaii

Work is so much fun! Woody and I are having a great time in Hawaii...I'm working and he's hanging out with the surfers! If you look really close at the little black dots on the right picture....they are Woody's new friends. This is the view from our hotel.

Cindy, the Crouching Lion is still under renovation...we came by there today after going to the North Shore and the Banzai pipeline! Told you we're hanging out with surfers! Right off these rocks we saw whales! A few breached and it was incredible.
Will write more...going to bed now. It's early/late/who knows!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Come on Hillary!

I've been lazy lately as you can see from the delay in posting! Well, not lazy...working hard to get ready to head to Montana. We found a great housesitter! Wendy! Welcome to Hendersonville!

Watched the debate tonight between Obama and Hillary. I think she did incredibly well...she is so much sharper than Obama...if he hmmmed and hawed any more, well you get the picture. When he isn't parroting Hillary's answers he struggles to say anything of substance. I just don't get it...I thought we as a country were smart enough to vote for knowledge this time but things aren't looking good. We voted for charisma over content (that's Bush over Gore) and look what we got...are we going to do that again? I can only hope that he implodes before the convention. Unfortunately I fault our campaign for where we are now...where is Carville? We need help! Obama stays above the fray and let's his staffers do the dirty deeds...we should get Hillary off the negativity and back on the issues.!