Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Road Trip with Savannah and Random Stuff!

Road trip! This past weekend we headed to Chattanooga to take Miss Savannah to the Aquarium as a birthday present for her mommy! Libby and Led could party on and so could we! Libby gave us Marriott points for a room, so we spent the night. The Aquarium was incredible with two separate buildings...one for the Ocean and one for the River. Savannah had been there before but it was all new to us...it is fabulous. Savannah loved the penguins but wanted granddad to hold her when the sharks swam by! I think it's watching Nemo too much. She knows the sharks are not always your friend. We didn't realize that there were two separate buildings on the same ticket, so after finishing the ocean side, we came out and went to lunch at Friday's. Striking up a conversation with a family in the next booth, they asked us which we liked better. Pulling out our tickets, we realized after a leisurely lunch and a bit of a rest, we could go back and do the other side! After a nap back at the hotel, we went for a swim and then had dinner via the Marriott Bistro in our room! Savannah can float on her back...now we have to get the floaties off!

On Sunday, we took her to the Children's Discovery Museum. It is wonderful and we only did the first floor. The climbing area is better than our Children's Museum in Nashville as it was geared to a smaller size kiddo. Granddad had to carry her out kicking and screaming to head to other areas...she calmed down quickly when she realized we weren't leaving, just moving to a different fun thing. Chattanooga is the perfect distance for a trip as it's only about 100 miles from Murfreesboro where we picked up the kiddo.

Our tips for road trips with grandkids is go somewhere close, take lots of snacks for the car and room including breakfast foods so you don't have to rush out to eat, take a portable DVD player, pick fun things to do and don't rush! Kids really enjoy some experiences and may run through others as boring. The more interactive the better. Let them set the pace. In our case, the butterfly exhibit was not exciting but she loved touching the rays and sturgeon. Take plenty of hand sanitizer!

Last weekend, Woody and I headed to Louisville for the Change of Command Ceremony for our neighbor Tom. He is moving from the Naval Reserve Center Command to become Flag Secretary for the VAdmiral of the Navy Reserve! It was tons of fun and quite impressive. And you know I always find a casino, so after the ceremony we headed to Elizabeth, IN to Horseshoe Casino...a Harrah's property which meant a free room for two nights, the Paula Deen Buffet and SLOTS! I actually won for the second time this summer.  I've said it before, but if you like to gamble, stay with one company and you can earn free rooms and other comps...just be sure you set a limit ahead of time!

This summer has been different in that we have taken lots of trips We did a week in Florida with Savannah and her parental units, a week in NC with Riley and Will along with a stop in Cherokee, NC, a trip to Paducah for the quilt museum and Metropolis for the casino, a trip to Louisville and Elizabeth, IN, and a trip to Chattanooga with Savannah...one more trip over Labor Day to Woody's family reunion and then home for a while. Whew! So one more tip...yes, two for one today...plan short trips around your home base! We have had a ball, haven't spent that much money, and still had a great time. We now are getting the RV squared away to head to Florida for two different months! That way we won't be gone too long from Savannah and still have our fun time in Florida.

Safe travels!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grandkiddos! Horses! Gambling and more!!

Traveled to see the grandkiddos in NC in July! We had a blast.
We spent lots of time at the barn watching Riley ride, and Will and my favorite daughter in law learn to ride. Jennifer is doing great and Will is staying on the horse. He had more fun flirting with all the girls! Also loved playing with my granddogs Bella and Charlie. On the way over we stopped at Harrah's Cherokee which is about halfway. After Woody's motorcycle wreck in June, driving and even riding was a bit tough. I drove and just gave him drugs. Didn't do too poorly in the gambling but could have done better. Coming home we took the back way and headed to Rogersville to see Uncle Lori and Aunt Marie and Uncle Paul and Aunt Mary. Aunt Marie and Uncle Paul are having a bit of a rough go...prayers for all of them. We'll see everyone again at the reunion over Labor Day!

Our time, as always, is too short when we go to NC to visit...wish they all lived closer.

July was a busy month...we got bored and decided to head to Metropolis...another favorite casino! This one was a fabulous gambling experience! We also headed to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah. This is such a definite see in your lifetime! The artistry and talent exhibited in the quilts was unbelievable. Woody wants to make a quilt but I know how that goes...he will start one and every 5 minutes will be calling for me to help! I may send him to Estelle's....she does great quilts!!

The one thing I'm most proud of is that I am routinely doing water aerobics! When we were at Camping on the Gulf we used a CD of Billie Jo's Wet and Wonderful which I found on Amazon! I am exercising at least an hour 5 or so times a week. I'm not losing weight but I am putting on muscle and my clothes continue to get looser! Just have to get back on the diet but since the reunion is over the real pressure is off! LOL

We head out this weekend to see our neighbor Tom give up command at the Naval Base in Louisville and head to the Pentagon...we love Cindy and the kids and they will continue to stay here. Tom commuted from Louisville but he won't get home quite as often from DC but you don't say no to a promotion and a Pentagon assignment! Oh and of course there is a casino 21 miles from the base...guess where we will be for the rest of the weekend? By the way...we get comps on the rooms so if I win or breakeven we come out ahead!

So my retirement tip is get a rewards card from one casino and stay with it...I like Harrah's because they have casinos everywhere and they are very generous with their comps...especially if you can go during the week!

Back to the Olympics...I love watching just about everything! Have a great time in retirement! See you at the slots!