Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back from Alaska and Canada!

We had a wonderful time in Alaska and Canada on our cruise of the inside passage on Norweigan Cruise Line...there were a few glitches that detracted from our experience but all in all it was a wonderful trip for our 26th anniversary. Woody went on the longest zip line in North America, I took so many pictures of eagles, we ate tons of salmon, and then the whale watching excursion in Prince Rupert, Canada was the best. Pictures are on facebook!

We're trying to get the yard "laid by" for the winter and for our possible trip to Hawaii...we're waiting to hear if I'll be working in Hawaii for a while this fall and winter...tough job but someone has to do it. This part time, occasional work is wonderful. I could never go back to full time!!

We're still trying to sell the house by owner but so far no luck. We talked to three real estate agents but all wanted us to drop the price way below what we wanted to do...we don't have to sell it but we really want to move closer to Savannah! On the 18th, Miss Savannah Elizabeth Ledwell was baptized at St. Edward's Catholic was a wonderful time with Father Breen. She is the love of our life and we are having a blast especially when she spends the night.
Not sure what to share with you other than life is good.