Friday, June 15, 2012

Facebook and the Prayer Chain!

Recently I've been trying hard to diet as my 45th high school reunion is the end of June...unfortunately I've not been too successful! I certainly don't look like I did when I graduated from high school, or even nursing school! But I guess at 63, I can't expect to be tall, thin and blond....but then I've never been over 5'2", always been a bit stocky as I was, and still to a degree am, a jock. As for blond, I look too washed out so I'm a bit of auburn to cover the gray! With the advent of facebook, at least I know what some of my cohorts from dear old Jackson High School look like...we're older but still gorgeous! Of course, Betha still looks great! So since I haven't been as successful as I wanted on the diet, I'll just hang on to my good lookin' hubby and have a blast!

I had a reminder a few days ago that I am exceedingly blessed...whenever I have a twinge of jealousy (think of Betha and her gorgeous self), I immediately try to stop and think of all the good things in my life! Is life ever perfect? I don't think so, but God doesn't always do what we ask for...He does what's good for us!! There are always a few things I'd like to renegotiate, but God is too busy laughing at my plans to carry on a meaningful dialogue! But like my diet, I persist in telling God all the things I'd like him to help me with in the future...that comes right after praying for all my family and friends and tons of petitions from my facebook friends. So far He's done a great job of taking care of all my family and friends, so I guess He's listening to me, just not letting me sell my house or motor home!! One thing that I am amazed at with prayer, is that facebook has replaced all the old time prayer chain calls! I remember when mother would get a phone call to activate her prayer partners for someone at First Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. Now, my friends just post on facebook that they need special prayers...even God has gotten into the social media network!

This post is sort of a buckshot topic...I'm just jumping around from topic to topic, but I do so love to share all my thoughts...this is better than a diary or a journal, and certainly cheaper than a psychiatrist. Yesterday and today, we opened our pool finally...this is the first time we've done it ourselves...other than the fact that we should have opened it sooner, I think we're getting there. We left it covered until we got back from Florida, so that was 9 months and tons of least we've got the chlorine level where it needs to be, the pH is better but not great yet, and we've vacuumed tons of dead algae...hopefully in a few days it will be crystal clear and I can get back to water aerobics!

Woody leaves Monday for a week in Chattanooga with his brother...they are riding motorcycles on several road courses around the city. So I'm going to be asking for prayers for their safety on facebook! Let's activate the fb prayer chain! Especially for Woody! Remember, he's supposed to be my arm candy at the reunion.

I'm not sure what else I should share with you today...oh...go see Rock of's a feel good movie with great music. You'll come out feeling great. So nite all...have a great weekend!