Monday, December 19, 2016

Let's Try This Again! I'm Bored!

When I first retired, I started blogging about our adventures. As you can see, I began neglecting my blog and got busy doing other things. Facebook takes up lots of free time as I post, renew and maintain friendships and over share pictures of the grandchildren. I continue to work as a Senior Consultant for The Oncology Group helping cancer programs and physicians enhance their services to patients. I also write and edit for publishing houses, websites and a medical editing firm in Taiwan on occasion. We still travel but often it's to places selected for the grands like Florida and Chattanooga. The older I get, the more I wonder what's next? I officially retired from the 60 hour work week in 2007 and my work has been part time. But, hello...I am bored!! And I'm only 67. Hopefully, I have a few more good years left.

So let's look at my next chapter in retirement! I explored a full time job at a local college but quickly realized I value my freedom of schedule. Adjunct faculty also requires a consistent commitment. The advantage to these jobs is that there is no airport involved. I am tired of flying for business. Our neighbors just moved here and started substitute teaching. After the first of the year, I may consider applying. The schools only call if they need you and you can decide if you're available! I still would like to generate a little income for that occasional cruise...we did the Baltic and loved it!

There are also tons of things I could do around the house. I love blogging but we already know I let that slide! Hobbies have also been neglected but I still love to cook new things and just dug out my yarn and knitting needles. Maybe I could learn to make something besides scarves? I love photography and need to get back to exploring new venues. So what's next?

My New Year's Resolution is to blog more! I will explore this next chapter in my life by sharing my reinvention in this next decade of my retirement journey! I know it will be just as much fun but different.