Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interesting doings with a broken wrist!

I am learning lots about how much my hubby really loves me! He has been incredible to help with all those activities of daily living that now have to be attempted with one hand. I won't bore you (or gross you out) with details but suffice it to say he has been walk on water wonderful. Last weekend we kept Savannah and she was so precious kissing my booboo. She just didn't quite get the fact that she couldn't jump off the ottoman into my arms so I quickly learned how to catch her with my left hand. Diaper changes were all Woody all the time! He's a good granddad...or gradad or grd or whatever she chooses to call him!

The worst part of the wrist is dressing...I had to go buy a pair of grandmother jeans. Elastic waist! The epitome of adaptive clothing for the one-handed that allows me to go le toilette unassisted. Chico's is the best clothing line...stylish with elastic. I have to travel for business on Sunday and Monday so this will be the acid test of self-sufficiency and how much my boss Marsha really likes me! Flat iron, elastic pants, bare minerals makeup...check...let's hope I survive!

I had another interesting experience this past week...Woody and I went to Sam's Club and actually walked out with nothing, nada, zilch...not even a hotdog! So my tip for the week...You can go shopping without buying something you probably don't need. 

As many of you know, we have our house for sale by's not moving very fast but then we don't have to sell. As I wander around thinking about downsizing further and dealing with children who told us to quit bringing them our junk, the last thing I need to do is buy more! So we went to Haverty's to look at furniture! I need a smaller dining room set, a smaller breakfast room set, and two smaller chairs for the living room! Yes, we've picked our house and nothing I have will fit in this cute little cottage at Del Webb.  We're hoping that we can sell some of the furniture with the house and consign some more.  I'd rather do this now than when I'm old and batty and don't want to give up my stuff!  Now I'm not sure about Mr. Packrat...Woody would keep everything! So this is a two tip blog! Remember that your children will be tasked to get rid of your stuff when you die...hopefully well into their later years when they have a full house of don't keep something simply because you want to pass it down. Have that hard talk..ask them what they really might be surprised and you might want to give it to them now.  But they still can't have my big TV!

Have a wonderful week! and declutter and give something away!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bringing in the New Year with a Crack!

Short post...broke my right wrist which makes typing tough! Tip for the day...when cleaning up after a Notre Dame football bowl party, watch out for your husband's big feet! or start paying attention to what you're doing! You tend to break things as you get older!

So...Happy New Year! Stay safe and watch where you walk!