Saturday, January 30, 2010

I'm discombobulated!

I just love this means a state of confusion or a feeling of being unsettled. I have now officially been at this retirement thing for a little over three years and this is the first time that I've felt a sense of unease. I'm not sure what I want anymore. While I've enjoyed the RV and the experience of working at Buffalo Trading Company in West Yellowstone and traveling out west for 6 months, the four winters in Destin, the trip up the eastern seaboard, and meeting great people in Ocala, I'm beginning to think this isn't me. The opportunity to work for The Oncology Group, LLC took some of the pressure of lack of intellectual stimulation off, and it also showed me that I missed work but not enough to take a full time job. Hence the word discombobulated! So.....what to do?

Usually in the spring I buy something as it feels like a re-awakening. This year I had my wonderful son-in-law put in a wrought iron fence around the backyard of the house I'd love to sell to buy a loft downtown!! I also put a for sale sign on the RV and started looking at rental condos in Destin..but wait, if I'm renting I can go anywhere!! I love my Volvo so that's safe. I may paint some of the inside of my house, although it's really perfect. See..I am definitely discombobulated!

Sooooo...what to do? Wonder what the next chapter will be? I don't have a clue! I've tried meditating on the beach and asking for divine guidance, but I haven't heard yet what I need to consider. I guess I'll just keep on keepin' on and see what evolves. If you have any ideas...let me know!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bye Bye RV!

It's been a great ride but I think we're going to sell the RV and buy a boat! The cost of the slip for next year is going up and I can rent a condo for what they are charging...all that being said, who knows if in this economy it will sell! The weather has also been yucky this year, so I may talk to my friends Denny and Randi and see where they stay in Ft. Meyers (way further south). I would really buy down here if it weren't for hurricanes. Going through Hurricane Andrew makes one storm shy, if you know what I mean! We'll still winter in Florida...just who knows where! So if you want a 2005 Itasca Sunrise 35D built by Winnebago, let me know!!! We can get two for winter wherever we land and one for Hendersonville! But Woody thinks I'm crazy!

The picture of us is from Acme Oyster House in Sandestin where we ate with Estelle and David, my favorite place for grilled oysters...shuck the oysters and then put garlic butter and romano cheese on them and throw them on the grill till the cheese sort of melts and crusts! May try that myself if the rain ever quits! The other is from my morning of the first days in 2010 it has been warm enough to get out!

Next week we're going to Ruth's Chris with the trailer park gang for dinner for our Christmas Party! Private dinner in the wine cellar....wonder if they serve boxed wine? Otherwise it's Jack for me! You'd never know we're so upscale in the trailer park! The difference is some of these rigs cost more than a house in Sandestin resorts! Hmmmm.

Had an interesting week trying to reconnect with an old high school acquaintance. We're right next door to her development and just can't get together....I'm retired, and I was the problem! Busy, busy. Got contacts yesterday but with my dry eyes, not sure if they are going to work. It's a trial pair but I've already picked out some new glasses in case they don't work. Any tips appreciated as they are soft lens..already had one trauma...couldn't get them out! Finally just popped them out like my gas perms which you shouldn't be able to do! I'll put them in later today and see how it goes. Just not willing to be uncomfortable for vanity...since I'm no longer tall, thin and blonde! Well I was never tall and thin, but I was blonde once! and brown! and red! and frosted!
Just got a book offer to write a reference book on healthcare and healthcare careers for high school and college kids from a publisher I've been writing for the last few years. Unfortunately, it didn't pay enough to write an entire book! I need to write mushy books and get a million dollar advance! Except I can't write dialogue. I know I've done well in far I've turned down a chance to compete for a Washington Post (yes, that newspaper!) blog based on my editorial comments over the past few years and now the book offer! Thank you stock options!
Well...I'm rambling so you can tell I'm bored! Think I'll go make muffins. We bought a portable convection oven which is fabulous. An upgrade from the toaster oven! If we were going to keep the motor home, we'd replace our microwave with a dual micro/convection oven. I have an oven but it runs on propane which is a hassle. When you run out you have to unhook and go buy more!
Football tonight!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! a bit tardy however!

Well we've had an eventful holiday season if you like going to doctors and living on Nyquil, etc! Just before Christmas, I got sick and then as soon as I was semi-human, Woody got sick...and we all know how Woody is when he gets sick. Yes, I am officially going crazy.

David and Estelle came just after New Year's so we have had fun running and dining with them. Of course, before they leave I will have gained a ton of weight. We have had incredible meals...Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe is our new favorite restaurant! Coconut encrusted snapper or Savannah Shrimp. The canasta tournament is getting brutal. It's now 7-5 in favor of the boys! With the cold weather, we're just eating, shopping and playing canasta! Next week is supposed to be better weather wise.

In lieu of writing...please allow me to post some pics...gotta go eat and get ready for the big game tonight! Rough weather, 2 beautiful sunsets and Woody, David and Estelle at the motorhome.