Saturday, July 18, 2009

Woody's New Toy!

Well, I've finally lost my mind. After years of listening to Woody wanting a motorcycle, I gave in. Even rock is worn away by a constant drip of water....that's not to say my husband is a drip...well, maybe a little. All I heard is Harley, Harley, I give in and he buys a Honda! His excuse? It had flames! This is just what an almost 65 year old man needs. At least he is taking a motorcycle course this weekend and hopefully it will help keep him safe!

I, on the other hand, have had a delightful week with my BFF Janet. We shopped and ate out and just had all around fun. This is the first time I've done back to back business trips (last week and leaving again Tuesday) but Marsha promises it's just an accident! At least the upcoming trip is Vegas! And you all know how I do love to gamble...unfortunately we're staying at a hotel without a casino! Such trauma! But trust me, I'll find one! We're almost finished with Ohio and Las Vegas will run through September or early October at the latest! Then maybe off for a few months? Hopeful? We'll see!

As you know, we're all on facebook now! Come look for me at Pat Hudson Edens! I have a great farm.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!

Please excuse us...our FaceBook page is taking precedence over the Ready for Retirement! Just a quick update...we've just been enjoying the pool, visiting with friends, and of course, I've been working some. I finally caved in and let Woody start the process toward getting a motorcycle. I have mixed was a pre-nup that he wouldn't get a motorcycle (or donor cycle as I call them) and I would keep my hair red til I the question I have...if he broke the pre-nup does that mean all bets are off? He's such a bad driver and so easily distracted that I'm scared for him! Oh well...retirement is not turning out quite how I pictured it! Woody on a motorcycle and me working!

We did have a ball at Cindy and Lou's on the 3rd of July and watched the Bellevue fireworks. Ate entirely too much. Saturday was yard work which was sorely needed, and Sunday was tennis and golf...watching not playing! Our friends Elroy and Ginny took us out to Shane's Rib Shack for dinner for watching their house...they certainly didn't need to considering all the wonderful things they do for us!

Gotta go work on my farm! See you down the road!