Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Wonderful Afternoon at the Track!

Woody and I spent a wonderful afternoon at Kentucky Downs in Franklin, KY watching and betting (a little) on the races! We sat on the 2nd floor porch of the clubhouse with lots of other "old" people, had a light lunch (hot dogs, chips and M&M's) and bet on the ponies! It was tons of fun and not really that expensive since you could bet as little as $2 per race or not at all! We, of course, that would really be me, bet a little more than that and even won a little! So your tip for the day is think outside the box, keep up with activities at local venues and head out for a fun day or evening rather than sitting home!

Tonight we head out to Cheekwood for an event hosted by Belle Meade Vacations. Tons of travel and cruise vendors are in one place so we can pick our next "excellent adventure". The very best travel agent in the world is Cindy Farringer who is one of the owners of Belle Meade Vacations and my dearest friend! She has arranged some fabulous trips for us so give her a call when you need a great trip!
Cindy Farringer at  or 615-386-9876
Cindy Farringer, Travel Specialist

This is Cindy in Costa Rica I think! She personally checks out so many of the trips or cruises that she recommends so she knows what is great or least that's the excuse she gives for lots of good travel!

On Saturday, Woody heads out to a free car show in Lebanon, TN and I'm heading to shop and do lunch. Too many retired folks sit around and don't make the effort to get out. We have a friend who knows entirely too much about daytime TV! He needs to get out more. When you are still healthy enough to try new things, don't waste your life....sitting at home may come soon enough as we age. Socializing through groups or with friends is important. Most senior citizen centers sponsor bus trips to local events or even longer trips. Golden Circle Travel specializes in trips for older adults. You don't have to hibernate for the rest of your life after you retire! Sit down with a map and see what is a reasonable day trip drive from your home...back roads are great because you can go slow and leave your blinker on and no one cares!!

Have fun...get out and about...don't vegetate!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A New Endeavor

You know me by now...always trying to reinvent myself! I've started another blog...Making Health Care Work available at . When you go to the hospital, you need to know what is going to happen to you and also how to make health care work better for you. Starting with your own personal health behaviors...watching your weight (I'm working on that too!), not smoking, getting some type of regular exercise such as walking or swimming, and eating a healthy may be able to head off many illnesses by being healthy and taking care of yourself. Staying out of the hospital is the best way to avoid hospital acquired infections and to protect yourself from accidental errors in care. Hospitals don't intend to do harm, but they are only as good as their weakest employee. With the increasing complexity of care needed and the increasing workloads placed on doctors, nurses and staff, it's no wonder that problems happen. Having worked in and with hospitals for over 40 years, I know that they are doing the best they can with shrinking reimbursements, fewer dollars, and increasing numbers of patients. So your tips for today...practice healthy habits, wash your hands lots, ask your healthcare providers if they have washed their hands, don't hesitate to ask questions of your doctor and staff, and, most importantly, do what your doctors tell you!! Take your prescribed medicines correctly and consider supplements and vitamins after discussing them with your doctor.