Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally! Destin, Florida!!

We finally made it to Destin on the 20th of December after a little detour to Vegas for Lib and Led's wedding! These are just a few pictures to let you share in our adventure. Our friend Lou made us a sign that is proudly installed in front of our motor home at Camping on the Gulf in Destin! The boys love that they were included! Harley isn't wild about the new playpen. We had hoped he wouldn't jump the fence, but of course he did. But always prepared, we brought deer netting. He figured out how to get under the one loose spot needed to open the gate. At least he just runs for the door to the coach! As you can also see from the picture, Woody is ensconced in his usual chair (thanks Holly and Jan!).
The sunset is at the Pass at Destin Harbour as is our picture! We love the new area around the Emerald Grande and Harbourwalk. When we win the lottery, we're going to buy a condo there!
We are back to thinking about a more permanent place down here! We would miss Christmas dinner at the campground...the food this year was wonderful. We're doing water aerobics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and trying to walk on the other days of the week...too bad that we're eating even more. Who knew that exercise would stimulate your appetite! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we're joining friends at Capt. Dave's on the beach for dinner and then back to our beach to watch fireworks. We can see both Destin and Sandestin's fireworks.
Life in retirement just gets better and better! I'm still doing a little bit of editing and consulting, but with the price of gas down, I don't need to work as much! We're still planning on Nova Scotia this summer. Hope you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Horny Mousse and Woody's Present

Check out Woody's Christmas present I won with all my gambling winnings! In other words, I could afford to put his name on the car only!! As many of you know, I spent all summer tracking a "horny moose"...in other words, a moose with horns. While I got a cow moose, I never found a horny moose. My BFFs Jane and Bill bagged me a horny mousse! My life is complete!
We finally arrived in Florida Saturday night after a bit of trauma. We were loading the coach and I wanted to fill the hot water heater. When we turned on the water, it went everywhere! We had our sink water filter tube break! Woody, who as you know is great at a lot of things but plumbing is not one of them, capped it off and we headed out! I'm so proud of him! Then we arrived here to plug in and got a 50 amp message when we have a 30 amp coach! I decided to just deal with it later since everything was working and it may have been a computer fault...said a little prayer, and woke up this morning to everything working...thank you Lord! It was beautiful last night but today we have the cold front. It's in the 50's and will drop to the 30's tonight. Tomorrow though and through Christmas, back in the 70's!
Just watched the Titans beat the Steelers...anyone that wants to buy football playoff tickets, let me know. We won't be there for the playoff game! We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll make the Super Bowl which is in Tampa! We'll just unhook and drive right on down from Destin! We just love Camping on the Gulf! Our friends are all here with just a few exceptions who've had some health problems this year. As we all get old, I'm sure we'll see fewer each year...sending a little prayer for good health to everyone! Can't wait for David and Estelle to get down to start up our canasta tournament for 2008!
Hope you'll all have a blessed and happy Christmas week!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Libby and Led are married!

We had a great weekend in Las Vegas and married off Libby to Led!! It was a great time...they stayed at Caesars Palace and we were at Paris! http://www.parislasvegas.com/ Both hotels were great...the slots were even loose at Paris! At least I didn't lose too much other than a daughter! The wedding was at the Little White Wedding Chapel where tons of celebrities have tied the knot! Even better...we wore jeans! No mother of the bride junk for Marilyn and me! Here are a few pictures! Enjoy! The kids will be home on Wednesday! Hopefully they will have a dollar or two left! Big hugs to all of you. We head to Florida this weekend, so watch for posts!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love those grandkids!

If you've never seen "Ragtime the Musical" you should definitely go! Our beautiful niece (although you can't tell it from this costume) did an incredible job in her role as Emma Goldman inthe play at Belmont University. It was fun seeing Janis and Mike and Janis's mom, but Woody was sick as a dog! I can't believe that Jessica graduates in the spring!

We had a wonderful trip to NC to visit the grandkids. Mimi and Riley made turkey bread, which most of you will recognize as cornbread dressing! We put up the Christmas tree and had a wonderful time. Molly and her clan came for Thanksgiving dinner and Riley and Sebastian played all day with swords and early Christmas presents that Mimi and Grandad brought. I even made train blankets for the little ones! I'm just getting so domestic in my retirement. Jennifer cooked an incredible meal! It's so nice to have a gourmet cook for a daughter-in-law...although I just consider her a daughter! She is wonderful! I'm so blessed to have her trying to control my son!

Unfortunately Ole Miss (her alma mater) destroyed Miss State (Woody's alma mater) so that was the only depressing part of the weekend. The weather was great until we left and we had snow from just outside of Ashville, NC all the way to Cookeville, TN! Slow going when you're out of practice driving in the snow.
We've had a great time catching up with all our friends but I'm so ready to go to Florida! We won't get to spend as much time this year due to my friend the dentist! Still not finished, but I'm taking a month off to run south and then we'll head back north and finish up the mouth! It had better be worth it when all is said and done...although the work so far is divine! I should have done this years ago.
We're off to Las Vegas on Thursday for Libby's wedding...yep, she's going to tie the knot! I'm delighted that she and Led are so happy together...no pressure, but Mimi would like more grandchildren! http://www.parislasvegas.com/ This time we're staying at Paris! We're having dinner with Margaret and then just playing for a bit...not sure what show we'll see; we've about seen them all! My gambling is limited now that we're old and retired.
I'll try to do better on posting more often...we've just been busy busy busy as we say in the Edens household! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!