Saturday, October 24, 2009

Football Fun in the Fall!

A fabulous football weekend in Tennessee! Ole Miss, Jennifer's team, won...Notre Dame finally beat Boston College, but boooo....Florida beat MS State...but at least MS State was respectable playing the #1 team in the land. We southern girls do love our football. The only problem...a quick trip to Publix for shrimp, brownie mix and $200 worth of exotic junk foods, including garlic stuffed olives! We've eaten all day. You know every now and then you just have to forget you're supposed to be dieting.

Tomorrow the Titans have a bye, but there are tons of great NFL games that we have to watch as we have more food to eat!

Life is good! Go Irish!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall, Facebook and Fun!

I'm having an identity crisis. I have deserted my blog for facebook! I wonder which I should focus on going forward? Facebook is addictive and real time...just messaged back and forth with my fabulous daughter-in-law. We jot thoughts and activities on a daily basis, and don't even get me started on my farm! Maybe I can do both?

This fall has been busy with some work and lots of play. Between trying to get my yard and flower beds under control, lots of football and a little work, I'm tired. Work has eased up a bit so I've been trying to catch up on things I let slide this summer. I'm not complaining about's allowed me to buy my new TV, and most recently, a Frigidare washer and dryer! Hopefully all the hype about saving energy and water is true. The washer and dryer we had was at least 10-15 years old!! There were some even more fancier ones, but these are black and have a gentle cycle which my old one didn't have so I'm so uptown.

We did a wonderful cruise to Canada on NCL in September. The itinerary was perfect..the ship a bit shabby but the staff were wonderful. We love Peggy's Cove, Sydney and Halifax! If it wasn't cold 10 months out of the year, I could live there! Besides, they have healthcare for all...and it appears that we won't unless Washington can get their act together!

October has been busy already! We went to Olivia's soccer game at Trevecca...she plays for Freed-Hardeman...watched Mississippi State beat MTSU, which made Libby not happy with her dad...cried over our horrid Titans as they are now 0-6....does anyone want any tickets?...and visited with tons of friends. We have to visit lots as we leave again for winter in Florida soon.
Not sure what else to tell you other than I'll work harder to keep you updated on my progress through retirement. I swear I had more time when I was working! and if you're truly a friend...come on over to facebook! I'll still hang out there.