Sunday, December 5, 2010

Here's Why I Don't Post As Often!

Here's why I never post! This is baby Savannah all bundled up for her first snow on her way to WalMart! Our life has really changed since she was born in April. We are so thankful that she's healthy, happy and fun! Her mommy and daddy let us keep her once a week or so for an overnight. I can just sit and watch her and be perfectly happy. She may be number 5, but we're still enamored with our babies! She is the first one that we've had when neither of us are working and she's only 45 miles away! If our house ever sells, we'll move even closer. While I
would love to have our other grandkids closer, they live where state income taxes are too high!
Now where to start? We went to Florida for a while in early November since Libby was determined that we would stay here for Christmas this year! We're also planning a Bowl trip to see Mississippi State play...even though Notre Dame is also playing in a Bowl this year (will wonders ever cease!) it's Woody's turn since we've been to more ND bowls and only one MSU bowl game. Wouldn't it be great if they would play each other and save us some money? TOG has some jobs where they may use me in January so now I'm not sure what we're going to do about heading south! We bought new tires for the RV and still have to get some new batteries as we're having starting issues! It will be ready to roll fairly quickly if we can ever figure out when and where! Our house is still for sale by owner as the real estate agents just wanted to drop the price way down to try to unload it! We don't have to sell as long as we're healthy enough to drive back and forth to Lib and Led's to get the kiddo. I love H'ville and love my "retirement" house, but I want somewhere I don't have as much to clean and a smaller yard preferably with someone else doing the yard work! I plan to eventually get lazy in retirement! Not sure when that will happen but I've heard it's fun!
Oh and most exciting! I get to sign up for Social Security this coming week!!! I will be 62 in March...we plan to save the money but are afraid not to take it with all the changes being discussed. As I understand, I can pay it back when I reach full retirement age of 66 and then refile to get my full benefits. Certainly hope the Stock Market continues it's little mini rebound. It's nice to look at my 401K going back up. I don't plan on touching it for a long time, but I like it better fat! Otherwise we become a burden on the kiddos.
So now that I've primed the pump, maybe I'll keep the blog more up to date!
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!! May you and your families have lots of blessings in the coming years. Be sure you do at least one nice thing over the holidays. We made a little donation to the Nashville Rescue Mission in honor of our blessings! They do such good work for the homeless...we forget that there are so many children facing homelessness as our economy continues to decline. For those of us with many blessings, we need to figure out how to pay them forward! To whom many blessings are given.....