Saturday, March 10, 2007

Writing and Photography! and Hilliary!

This has been a few fun days! I've uploaded pictures to Big Stock Photo since I'm not having any luck with selling on Yessy! . Maybe I can sell more as stock photos...we'll see. Maybe people like Flamingos! I've also rewritten an article on an old house renovation that I'm going to try to get published! I just love being creative...still not making any money with my artistic endeavors but I'm not giving up yet!

Just did a phone survey on the 2008 Presidential Elections...Hilliary all the way! My dad would be so proud. Not sure when the work locally will start, but I'll sign up to help! A lot of people are closet Hilliary fans but afraid to be public due to the hassle factor. have screwed up this country for years...maybe it's time for a strong woman. I think of all the fun jokes about had the Wise Men been women, we would have made a casserole, wrapped the presents, baby sat...well, you get the picture! Same for the war on terror...just turn a bunch of us menopausal women loose and things might have been resolved sooner!

The woodman is off at a car show so I get to do my thing! But now, have to go vacuum! What an exciting life I lead in retirement...and I love it! Life is good!

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