Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Working Once Again

Just took on a new assignment for eight entries in a Health Encyclopedia so I've been a bit busy. I'm trying to finish them before we head off for two months in Ocala, FL. Janet the housesitter has settled in, so all is well! We also did a copper colored tin backsplash over the stove. Would have loved the glass mosaic tile but just too pricey for us old folks! Woody did an amazing job and didn't even resort to screaming at inanimate objects! Remember this is the guy that ripped a toilet out of the floor with his bare hands when a bolt broke! We learned how to replace subflooring on that job!

Libby starts her new job soon and is so excited! Molly is starting a catering business! Didn't realize she could cook! Chris and Jen are doing great and have Will for the summer. Life is Good!

I just haven't had much time for my photography! We went to RoseMont, a plantation home in Gallatin, on Sunday and I talked to several photographers who were complaining about the set up and take down of doing festivals and fairs. Just wish I had time to get ready to do one! The printing alone will cost a fortune! I'm so desperate to shoot that this orchid was from Lowe's!

We're finally getting some rain but my roses look like...well use your imagination! Hopefully we won't lose everything. Maybe gardening in a world of global warming may not be a good hobby! Tomorrow we work the Parade of Homes again...it's fun. Maybe I'll just do volunteer work! There is a lamp I'm going to buy tomorrow if it hasn't already sold! The Parade has inspired me a bit...I've fluffed and moved things around but just can't decide what to do next! My friend Donna should come help me!

Hugs to all and here's a new picture for you!

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