Monday, September 8, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

It just dawned on me that I missed posting last week! Things have been hectic as we wrap up the last few weeks in West Yellowstone! We had dinner at Henry's Fork Lodge in Island Park, ID that was divine, and at our boss's house with some new friends and our friends from last summer, Dave and Geri! Brenda and Ernie's house is to die for...right on Hebgen Lake with fabulous views of the mountains. If our kids and grandkids weren't so far away, they might have some new neighbors. We went out on the porch after dinner and heard hundreds of coyotes howling in the woods! A bit spooky. Henry's Fork Lodge is world renowned and has some of the best fly fishing in the world!

We've been moose hunting again..still no luck finding a moose with horns. So Sunday we followed the Snake River all the way to Jackson, WY as we had heard there were moose...there was one...female of horns. So I bought a necklace with a moose! Who said I'm not flexible? We do so love Jackson Hole! We also had to hug on a bison of course! I'm kissing him good-bye! On our way back to West, we passed this incredible sunset over Lewis Lake! I've seen a lot of sunsets on beaches all over the world, but this is the most beautiful one I've seen in a long time! This is straight out of the editing! Can you believe it? We also hiked a the way...notice the sweaters! It's already cold here and tomorrow we're expecting snow.
This summer has been unbelievable. I love the mountains...maybe even more than the beach! We've been so blessed to meet lots of wonderful people, see scenery that is really almost like a movie, and enjoy small town living. Last week we went to Bozeman to the you recall it's 90 miles away! We went Christmas shopping. Our adopted town of 1500+ people is not that affluent and many of the locals lose their jobs at the close of the summer season until snowmobile season starts in late December and January. We purchased toys and donated them to the Social Services Agency here in West Yellowstone...they promised to hold them until Christmas and share them with families who need toys for their children. Sort of like Toys for Tots but we had the fun of picking out the toys! We love this town and feel it only appropriate to give back a bit before we leave. Of course, Woody keeps buying things in the store and giving them to kids who come in! So I guess we've been playing a bit of Santa all summer! When you're blessed...pass it on! We may not be the "churchiest" people you know, but we try to walk the walk!
Today we had a massage that made us feel much better! It was a present from Brenda...she's about the best boss we've ever had! Tomorrow we're going moose hunting again...this time in Yellowstone. There is one lake that is supposed to be a moose hang we're going to hang out! The bison and elk are getting a bit...shall we say...randy...have to watch out if you get to close! We've been excited at how many pictures we've sold from here...from the cards in the store to online sales...I really thought I was doing good until I went into a photographer's gallery in Jackson'm a rank amateur! I can see that I have tons more to learn.
Get ready! Dancing with the Stars starts next week! Go Julianne! and Derek and know what a fan I am!
We're heading out of here on the 21st of September and right now will be back in H'ville around the 9th of October. We're going to Arches National Park, Las Vegas (well duh!), the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and of course...Murfreesboro, Ark to dig for diamonds!!! and a few other things along the way if the mood strikes us! We'll post at least once more from here...keep your fingers crossed that I get my moose!
Hugs to all of you!

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