Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Valentine's Day! This has been a quiet week...Woody had a bit of a virus and was in bed for a few I shopped. Chicos was having a really good sale! There were tons of things I wanted, but not working means you don't need much! I really love the new shopping area in SanDestin. If you haven't been down here for a while, you won't believe all the new construction. HarborWalk is also a blast. Pat O'Brien's...yes, that one, and Commander's Palace have restaurants here in Destin now.

We aren't much into celebrating Valentine's, but we did book tickets for Bristol today! For those of you not in the know...that's a NASCAR race in March in Bristol, TN!! Let's see...Woody has me in a "trailer", living in a "trailer park" most of the time and, now, going to a NASCAR race!!! What is the world coming to? The interesting thing is that getting tickets to Bristol has been like getting tickets to see the Green Bay Packers play at home...apparently the economy is really hitting racing. The race is less than a month away and the tickets we got are really very good. We're going to stay in Rogersville which is where many of Woody's uncles lunch with the uncles and racing. It should be a blast! I'm for Tony Stewart and Woody is for Dale, Jr.

We did manage to go out to dinner tonight, even though it was Valentine's Day...can you say, Taco Bell? seriously!! We just wanted a quick bite and no lines and no makeup. There was a Valentine's party tonight at the club house, but we just couldn't get moving to go. Besides...I don't think they would be playing our music if you get my drift! We're young for snow birds.

Only one more week and then home to Hendersonville...I'm ready to be home, but it better not be too cold! I can't wait to work in the yard. I've about convinced Woody that Canada this summer is not in our future. I just want to stay around home for a while...he's RV'd me out! I've been retired 27 months and have been away from home 20 months of that!! I want some short trips like to Lynchburg...I love Jack and I'm the only one in the world who hasn't been to Miss Mary BoBo's and the distillery. However, if it gets really hot, all bets are off. I do have two jobs in Alaska and one in Connecticut. We'll just have to see how the year goes.

See you soon!!

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