Sunday, April 19, 2009

I've been remiss! Updates from H'ville!

I've been so remiss! Since my exciting birthday week, I've just been busy busy busy in fact that I just haven't updated you on our exciting life. So here goes.
First..we went to the Bristol Motor Speedway for my first NASCAR race...that's me by Tony Stewart's truck! I just love Tony...he's a cute little bad boy! As you can see from the actual race picture, our seats were fabulous. Thanks Ticketmaster! We also had lunch with the uncles, and I found this delightful little burro that wanted to come home with me. That would necessitate a farm and I'm not willing to give up travel just yet!
We're still celebrating tons of birthdays! Bill Petty had his very own McDonald's birthday party to celebrate a milestone birthday...just so he doesn't hate me, you figure it out. Cindy was the second of our bunch to turn another milestone birthday after mine in March. Donna is still to come in July! These 39 birthdays are tough!
We also had family day at the Sound's game to celebrate Easter. That's my beautiful Libby with Ozzie the mascot. Led got a little jealous but hey...Libby is a looker! Led's mom and Nick joined us. Other than the New Orleans' Zephyrs beating us in the 10th inning, it was a fabulous day. I'm not fond of baseball, but I love baseball games...especially the Cubs and the Sounds!
This being home is hard work...still no pool, but the yard is looking good. Hopefully if the weather will cooperate we'll get our pool soon. We have some more trips planned to NC for Riley's dance recital and then to Cherokee to see Miranda Lambert, gamble a little and shoot pictures of the Smokies in the spring! In June, we're going to the CMA summer fest to see Taylor's good to have friends! We're in a luxury box with parking on the grounds!
Working a bit...CT and TX are my most recent...have to pay for all this travel! Will write more later!

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