Sunday, May 17, 2009

Grandkids! Graduation! Concert! Family!

We've had a busy two weeks! Off to visit the grandkids in NC and to attend the Princess's Dance Recital. Miss Thang promptly told her Mimi that she wanted to get through with this dance "stuff" and get on with horseback riding lessons on Marbles! She is definitely her Mimi's and Mother's child....and not the least bit girly girl. So enjoy the tutu it's boots and horses! We do have a new granddog...Bella came to live at the Edens' house. She's 6 months old and a delight! Of course, she's a half grown Great Dane, so who knows how big she'll eventually be! Jennifer and Chris were the hosts with the mostest. Molly and her clan came over and the kids played for hours in the yard. Tristan is the typical sullen teenager...or at least he will be on July 4th. He was such a delightful baby when he lived with us...I'm hoping that the Tristan I know and love comes back soon! Sebastian is a doll and a delight to be around. Molly and Leo have done a wonderful job with him...I just hope they survive Tristan! Molly...just remember...payback!
We came back Hwy 64 through Cashiers and Highlands, NC. It was a long drive but beautiful. So many of the rhododendrons were blooming. Once back, we attacked the yard with everything we had. We hacked and pruned and cut and rearranged, but still have miles to go before the yard is back to where we left it two years ago. This traveling constantly has really been fun, but we're paying for two years of neglect. The pool is gorgeous though...we actually got in one day when it was in the 80's and we'd been working in the yard. Today is cold...hopefully it will warm up soon so I can start my water aerobics!
Estelle and David came for Jessica's graduation this weekend. We had a great time even though the boys beat us in canasta! I thought we had won, but then Estelle redid her math...drat! I liked it better when she was off by a 1,000! Our beautiful niece graduated from Belmont on Saturday with high honors. We're so proud as are her parents. We had a great family dinner at The Acorn in Nashville. ..and I thought I knew all the good restaurants. It was Halibut I've ever had. We also had lunch after the graduation at Bosco's....great food and great company.
After a short rest, it was off to the Billy Joel/Elton John concert! Oh my goodness...I've been listening to too much country music. I went crazy singing and dancing and screaming like I was in my 20's...unfortunately for me, I woke up today in my 60 year old body hoarse and screaming from pain and exhaustion!! The concert was incredible and worth the pain! We ate at Blackstone Brewery before the concert and had a blast. Our friends Mike and Donna and Lou and Cindy were just as crazy as we were...of course all of us stood up to help our knees more than the standing ovation Billy and Elton thought we were giving them! It was decidedly an older crowd trying to be rowdy like in our youth...there were going to be some major hangovers this morning....and no lighters, just the flash of digital cameras and phones. Not like the old days.
Today is a day of rest...we're in our comfortable clothes and really kicking back! Tomorrow it's Angels and Demons and more rest! We're too old to have this much fun! Big hugs from us to all of you! Still enjoying retirement, but may have to go back to work to rest up! Glad that The Oncology Group is still willing to keep me working a bit!

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