Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun in NC!

Just back from a quick Mimi and Grandad babysitting adventure with the grandkids! Will is in town for the summer and Jen needed a little help. We had a blast. Riley is doing well with her riding lessons too...Marbles, her horse, is the pudgiest thing I've ever seen. I asked the stable staff if she was pregnant! I'll post pics later. Grandad took Molly, Sebastian and Riley to see UP and also to play at Monkey Joe's while I worked a bit. I babysat the dog, drove Will to camp at the club and worked! I think I got the better end of the should have seen how pooped Grandad was at the end of the day!

We came home through Lake Lure, NC and had a delightful lunch and walk about. The shops there are precious, but there weren't many tourists. We drove Dragon's Tail again, 19 or so miles of twisting, steep and hilly road! The wild rhododendrons were in bloom finally...this is our third visit to NC in the last month and a half...I thought I was never going to see them. Our drive home was uneventful...I love meandering.

Loving the pool...we're using it a lot with the temps so high! We've found the late afternoon is the best...less sun for my white white self. I just exercise and paddle around and feel so rested. As we say...why did we wait so long!

Stay cool!

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