Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year! a bit tardy however!

Well we've had an eventful holiday season if you like going to doctors and living on Nyquil, etc! Just before Christmas, I got sick and then as soon as I was semi-human, Woody got sick...and we all know how Woody is when he gets sick. Yes, I am officially going crazy.

David and Estelle came just after New Year's so we have had fun running and dining with them. Of course, before they leave I will have gained a ton of weight. We have had incredible meals...Tommy Bahama's Tropical Cafe is our new favorite restaurant! Coconut encrusted snapper or Savannah Shrimp. The canasta tournament is getting brutal. It's now 7-5 in favor of the boys! With the cold weather, we're just eating, shopping and playing canasta! Next week is supposed to be better weather wise.

In lieu of writing...please allow me to post some pics...gotta go eat and get ready for the big game tonight! Rough weather, 2 beautiful sunsets and Woody, David and Estelle at the motorhome.

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