Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ms. Klutz 2013

Where to begin? As you know, in December of 2011, I broke my wrist. In February, I broke my arm. On July 3rd, I fell down a wet hill and broke my left wrist and left ankle! And I don't have osteoporosis so go figure! Either I have a crush on my orthopedic doc, Dr Haslam, or I am a certifiable klutz! While Dr H is precious, I think I am just a klutz! I have teased my friends about wearing "flippy" shoes...remember when Donna fell into a plane and broke her nose? Flippy shoes! I had on Born flip flops but in my defense, it was wet grass and a 45 degree slope! I guess as we get older we should be more careful. I always wondered why old women wore orthopedic shoes...now I know...it is to avoid orthopedic doctors!

Soooo....I guess I will try to be less klutzy and wear sensible shoes. But I will still keep Dr H on speed dial.

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