Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Don't You Love the Stock Market?

I just love the fact that I've retired and the market decides to correct! Thank heavens for diversification! Now if the Fed will leave the rates alone! When you come up on retirement, you are told by everyone to develop a plan to pay plan consists of an annuity, interest on money in money market or money manager accounts, stocks and bonds in a conservative mix! I have no plans to touch the principal of my money or my 401(k) for a while unless the Fed cuts the rate banks pay and my interest income goes down! Probably the biggest issue after figuring out what to do with all my time is to determine how to pay for life without a paycheck!

When you don't anticipate payday, you are a little more cautious about what you buy...or at least that's what I've found...that and the fact that I need absolutely nothing. Shopping for retirement clothes...t-shirts, jeans and not at all fun. Our life is so casual that Sam's Club is almost becoming more fun to shop for clothes than Chico's! and you all know how much I love Chico's! Even when I'm doing a little consulting for gas money for the RV (ha ha), leftovers from the corporate job are going to last forever! A black suit, a few blouses and some sweater coats (think Chicos!) will never be wrong and never wear out if you rarely need them!

Well I'm going to go back and watch the market! Certainly don't want to go back to real work!

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