Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tales of a Nomad!

Got a fabulous response from Rita! Thought I'd share it with you....

"Pat, Hi

I'm glad you enjoyed traveling with me. Thanks so much for the terrific "review" on your blog and for the link to my site. The book is surviving on word-of-mouth at this point.I've been in Patzcuaro, Mexico, since November working on that collaborative story/cookbook. We've pretty much chosen the stories and it's going to be a fantastic book.Our main criterion was a good read and lots of real emotion. We've got it all; the stories are.exciting, unique, romantic, horrendous, funny, passionate, absurd, sad, touching, revealing. We also set out to find stories that would inspire readers to shake up their lives a bit. Most of the stories are written by people who have been willing to step outside of their comfort zones and try something new..or interact with strangers..or put themselves into " the unknown." Most of the writers were willing to expose a part of themselves to tell their stories. There's a real sense of the writer behind the story, which means there's a lot of opportunity for readers to identify with the writer..and hopefully be inspired to step outside of their own comfort zones. The next step is to cook all the recipes. We've had two cooking/tasting parties and we've tested about twenty recipes. We're only using the ones everyone loved. It's been hard work but fun.I will be in Seattle for about nine months beginning next week. I hoping to get this project finished and then take care of all the things in my life that are on teeth and PR for the Nomad book to keep it alive, and setting up a foundation so the profits from the story/cookbook go to the kids in India. I'm actually looking forward to almost sitting still.Happy journey to you, wherever it may take you. Sounds like you are about to have a lot of fun. Smile a lot and talk to strangers.

Best, Rita"

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