Sunday, August 26, 2007

Disney World!

Well...we're at Disney World. Just spent a really hot day in the Magic Kingdom! Even got Janet on a roller coaster. A really big disappointment though...after spending over $70 a ticket, two of the major rides were not operating...Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain. The park is quick to get you in the gift shops but can't deliver on the rides. The second thing I noticed was that some of the people were bordering on rude. We extended our stay at Ft. Wilderness RV Resort one more day and you would have thought the concierage was doing us a favor! We've been coming to Disney for years and this is the first disappointing time we've had. We have two more days of tickets...let's hope Epcot and the Animal Kingdom are better than the Magic Kingdom!!! Between the three of us, we've got 8 grandchildren and were talking about bringing all of them but we may rethink's just not as good as it used to be for the money! My last trip was only two years ago and it's gone downhill since then. The funniest thing is that I made the reservation, paid for the vacation with my credit card, and they put everything in Janet's name....hopefully they will not kick us out when she leaves on Wednesday and we're here til Friday!!! If you book, use and don't call and make the reservations over the phone...they aren't too with it! Especially when they don't ask about slides and awnings and pets for the site assignment!

We'll let you know if it gets better!!!

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