Sunday, October 28, 2007

Road Trip!

Our friends Jane and Bill kidnapped us from Mickey D's last week for an impromptu road trip. We went to their son's house to see 2 day old Yorkies! It's a good thing they look like rats right now, or I might have been tempted to buy one! I can't go a few weeks they will be so cute! Andy and Harley would be jealous if I brought another baby home! I did say it was a road trip...their son lives in White House. We also went to Thomas Drugs for's in Cross Plains I think...or maybe Greenbrier. I got so lost! was Cross Plains! We also went to a great antique store where Holly's elephant lives! Holly lives in Ashland City, but someone stole her elephant! We found it somewhere in the boonies!

We also went to Home Sweet Home in White House. It's owned by Cinda Petty, Jane and Bill's daughter-in-law! Cool stuff. I bought a candle that I love...guava mango! Just a tropical gal at heart. If you're in White House you should go!
I'm continuing to work on photography, haiku into haiga, and trying to be creative! I'm still editing tons of articles. I did have a new article of mine published in the Healthcare Executive, the journal for the American College of Healthcare Executives. It was only a page, but it's a big deal to get in that journal! I still have two other articles that I need to polish and then send off...just busy busy busy. I don't know why I don't have more time! I'm retired for goodness sakes!
Went to the Titan's game today. The offense should buy the defense dinner! At least we won!
Just four more weeks til we're off to Florida! Can't's getting cold here!

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