Saturday, November 3, 2007

Chairs Chairs and More Chairs!

Woody's been on a project binge lately! Not too long ago we went to dinner at Donna and Mike's house. Donna is Miss Designer! Woody fell in love with her Adirondack chairs that were lime green...guess what we did this week? These are the chairs that our neighbor on Hidden Lake built for us! They had weathered to a dull gray, and I had considered painting them red or blue like everyone else! Once Woody saw Donna's....well, you know what we did! This view doesn't show the roses, but the chairs are in my little rose garden with yellow, pink, lavender and red roses! He did a beautiful job! Thanks Donna for the inspiration, and thanks to Valspar and Lowes for the paint colors. Just so you'll know, Donna's was custom color...we had to make do with generic paint off a paint chip!!
We're also trying to get the yard ready for winter. This has been gardening week! We replaced a few shrubs, weeded...I don't think I like our neighbor with bermuda grass! It's everywhere, but with global warming maybe it's the best grass as it's heat tolerant! It also thrives on Round-up!
We thought about moving to a condo...even put down a little deposit. Now, I think we're back to staying here. I just don't want to give up all this room. With Janet moving out, it will be tough but we'll see what happens. Our Montana trip will be difficult next summer, but as long as Elroy is willing to mow, we'll be cool! Worst case, we get a lawn service. Like Woody says....I have no clue what I want to do. I love the RV most, but it's good to have a home base!
Went to a comedy dinner last night! We had dinner with our friends, and Chuck and Bill went on a comedy and joke binge! I've never laughed so hard in my life. If you need therapy, go to dinner with Chuck and Bill! Laughter certainly is the best medicine. We went to Blue Sky in Goodlettsville. It was great. We're also going out to Green Hills tonight to the Cheese Cake Factory...we're nothing if not versatile in our dining choices. I'm trying to talk Woody into going early so we can do a bit of Christmas shopping!
Go Titans and Go Colts! Sunday is football day!

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