Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Doctors, Dentists, Eyeglasses...Oh My!

When you're only home a few months in the spring and fall, you spend most of your time with your close friends and physicians! After a great dinner with Cindy and Lou, Holly and Roy, and Donna and Mike at the Tin Angel, this week is doctor week! Catching up on all the annual visits! We're healthy fat people but have to go get our prescriptions straightened out...we're going to West Yellowstone Montana and there's no WalMart!!! Oh will we ever survive?

We're heading to see the grandkids next week and then home to get ready for Montana...oh and more doctors! Then off to Hawaii! Will be working hard with just a little fun! Hope to get some good pictures.

This election is really getting me down. I am so for Hillary that it is just killing me that we're not doing any better than we are! I just can't see a junior Senator with minimal experience in the White House. If Hillary's not at least on the ticket...I don't know what I'll do. I guess it will depend on McCain's running mate. I think Hillary's campaign has been mismanaged...just not sure if there's anything that will salvage it now. I'm still blogging, writing on comment boards, etc. It's the least I can do. Go Hillary!

Our Molly is going on her first, real, adult vacation! I hope she and Leo have a wonderful time in Miami...she'll probably like it so much she'll want to move there! I loved it...when we were younger! Libby is working hard and at a conference in Chattanooga. She and I both like Chattanooga! Cool town. Chris is working hard and just got a big promotion. Mom and Dad are so proud of our younguns! We survived and they seem to be prospering! Yeah!!!!

I think it's bedtime...night night!

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