Friday, March 7, 2008

We're Baaaaack

We're home just in time for snow! We just haven't got this snowbird thing quite nailed down! Will post pics if we get the 2-3 inches they are planning. Had a great birthday this week with family and friends, and more to come Saturday night if we aren't snowed out!

How would you like an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii? That's the call I got yesterday to do some work! Well, duh, I'm going and taking Woody with me! After checking all my leftover air miles and hotel miles, I can get us to Hawaii free and stay over a few days after work! There are just a few benefits of flying for years and years! I also just had an article accepted by the Journal for Communication in Healthcare on "Developing a Cancer Internet Strategy"! Now I have to send a picture. I've got Wendy looking for my head shot, since I can't find it....just a little false advertising as I looked much better then!

Will write more later! Have to go to the Breakfast Club at Mickey D's!

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