Monday, May 19, 2008

Lovin West Yellowstone!

This place is absolutely incredible! Here are just a few shots so you can appreciate the beauty! There is one draw back! We drove 78 miles ONE WAY to the closest WalMart!! The first two pictures are in Yellowstone National Park...the bison are everywhere! We hiked in on a ridge and counted 17 babies in one herd on a meadow. The fly fisherman is on the Madison River...the Robert Redford movie A River Runs Through It was shot on this river. The last picture is of an 1959 earthquake caused landslide that impacted the flow of the river and created Quake Lake. On the way to WalMart, we saw pronghorns, mule deer, wild swans!, and some other birds I haven't identified yet. Tomorrow we're going bear hunting...with a camera of course. Supposedly there is a mama and two cubs that several people have told us about! Thank heaven for hiking boots! I've always felt a little funny wearing them, but not out here. Thanks Libby..mine are hand me downs from her years ago!!
We worked by ourself Sunday and everything went fine! We have a wonderful boss...Brenda...she works constantly and has convinced us by her hours that we don't ever want a gallery! That's a big part of the reason we wanted to work at The Buffalo Trading Company to see if we wanted to start our own storefront. Now I know we don't want to be that tied down! We'll just work for others on occasion. Starting this week we work Wednesday through Saturday from know I can't get Woody up before 10A so evenings are best for us!
We are so blessed to have this opportunity and just want to share it with all of you! We are thankful for our blessings and wish you all as many as we have...your life will be full!

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