Wednesday, May 7, 2008

On the Road Again!

We're back on the road! Woody and I left Hendersonville on May 2nd heading to St. Louis...then on to Kansas City where I made a deposit at the Ameristar Casino...just a small one! We headed on to Grand Island, Nebraska and from there the fun starts! The pictures are from Wyoming! The boots are in Cheyenne, Wyoming! We had a blast finding out that the first woman governor in the U.S. was from Wyoming. We also learned that it was the first state to give women the right to vote! The snow capped mountain is from the highest point in Wyoming and the image of the canyon is Firehole Canyon that is part of Flaming Gorge Recreation area just outside Rock Springs, Wyoming! It was a bit overcast but still gorgeous.

The most fun was seeing herds of antelope all along the highway from Cheyenne to Rock Springs! We also loved the back road drive from Cheyenne up to Laramie through Medicine Bow National Park and a great lunch at a little restaurant near the University of Wyoming. Tomorrow we head to Park City, Utah. Woody has never been there so it will be fun showing him where his dining room and breakfast room rugs came from! Donna and I bought them there and had them shipped home!
We're at 6,000 feet+ and have been going up since mid Nebraska! We've been as high as 9,000 feet. No altitude sickness. The key is lots of water! Keep that blood thin. We should be in good shape for West Yellowstone on Friday!
The RV is doing fine in the mountains. We do so love being trailer trash! There are tons of pipeline workers in the RV parks so the scenery is almost as good in the KOA parks as out the windows. So far the only problem was one KOA park that closed two days before we got there! Otherwise I can recommend any time!
Harley and Andy are fine but neither one of them like walking on gravel. This area is called high desert and there is no grass! There is also a lot of wind. We've had just a tiny bit of rain after the first day on the road when a monsoon hit! That was the day of the tornados.
That's all for now...miss you all!

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