Sunday, October 26, 2008

2 Country, Reese's mom, Leona Williams!

We're home and having tons of fun reconnect-
ing with all our buds! Hence the minimal posts! We've had dinner with Cindy and Lou at a cool place in Bellevue! A week ago Friday, we were at the Gallatin Senior Center being groupies for Bill and Jane and I got to sing back-up again! Shades of high school...I was a senior then too! Ginny and Elroy joined us and had fun. Woody convinced me I should join him at a Good-Guy's car show ...if someone invites you to afraid, be very afraid!! There were thousands of cars! Andy and I pooped out and visited horses, goats and the drag races so we could sit on the bleachers! The truck he's standing by say's "Woodies"!
We also went to our niece Jessica's senior recital at Belmont...that girl has more talent in her little finger than I do in my short, squatty body! She's a music theater major and incredibly talented. ; Hopefully this link's taken from one of her friend's cell phones!

This past Friday we went to 2Country, a meat and three restaurant in Hendersonville, for great food and country music! Now for those of you who know me well, you know I'm not one for the "older, twangy" country music, but the Sweat Band (yes, that's their name) at 2 Country was incredible. Leona Williams, who was married at one point to Merle Haggard, showed up and sang...while I didn't know any of the songs, she was very good. The band plays every Friday night from 7-9 PM; but even if you don't like country music, the fried catfish and veggies are heavenly! While we were there, Reese Witherspoon's mom showed up with the November 2008 issue of Vogue magazine with Reese on the cover...trying not to interfere, we just gawked! While I may not know the country stars, I do know Reese! Her mom is equally as beautiful!

Yesterday, a quick trip to the Prime Outlets in Lebanon... Woody needed Nautica shirts! They were on sale...we retired people with crashing 401(K)'s need to watch our pennies! Thank heavens for a conservative retirement plan with cash!! My excitement was a new pair of tennis shoes...although I'm not sure why I persist in calling them tennis shoes since they are for walking...I do have tennis shoes but they have a different sole! or maybe soul! These are New Balance which are supposed to be good for old people!
Well off to watch football, and tomorrow night we go to the Titans-Colts game! We may actually have a chance with Peyton under the weather!

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Elisa Rae said...

While you were @ 2 Country, Leona Williams' daughter got up and sang with her... you know her.... she's Cathy, here at the Bank!! She says she remembers seeing you guys there. Glad to see you're getting settled back in!