Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sedona and Diamond Mining!

Woody and I are almost home! We loved Sedona and found a bit more information about the Chapel of the Holy Cross that we found interesting. It was designed by Marguerite Brunswig Staude, a pupil of Frank Lloyd Wright, and completed in 1956. We lit candles for all of you! The views are beautiful. We drove across New Mexico...boring! Did have some great barbeque in Elk City, Oklahoma at the Hog Trough. Great little local place with the best barbeque I've had in years!!!
We're in Hot Springs, Arkansas for the weekend. It was really depressing to see the downtown area...I remember it from when there were high end antique stores and auctions and the bath houses were still open. Now there is only one bath house that is operational and it's working on increasing services. Supposedly there are others that are being renovated in hopes that they can be leased. Coys Steakhouse is still here, and the race track seems to have some casino gambling. It's under construction so we didn't go. We are going for a bath and a massage tomorrow morning at my old favorite, the Arlington Hotel! The mineral baths are therapeutic of course! We finally got to dig for diamonds in Crater of Diamonds Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. We found absolutely nothing but had fun playing in the dirt...literally...check out the pictures of us filthy!!
Monday we're off to Tunica to meet Janet and Roy Lynn! A little gambling and a big buffet...we're od'ing on vegetables! We've eaten at three Cracker Barrels in the last week!! Tuesday we head to H'ville! Almost 3,000 miles and about $150 worth of gas a day not to mention every KOA campground from Hendersonville to West Yellowstone to Hendersonville! We've had great KOA experiences this entire trip except for one quite crochety old man in Alma, Arkansas (although he was efficient!), and of course, the KOA that wasn't in Cheyenne, Wyoming! I can't believe we're almost home...Happy early Birthday to Ginny!!! See you Tuesday!

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