Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally! Destin, Florida!!

We finally made it to Destin on the 20th of December after a little detour to Vegas for Lib and Led's wedding! These are just a few pictures to let you share in our adventure. Our friend Lou made us a sign that is proudly installed in front of our motor home at Camping on the Gulf in Destin! The boys love that they were included! Harley isn't wild about the new playpen. We had hoped he wouldn't jump the fence, but of course he did. But always prepared, we brought deer netting. He figured out how to get under the one loose spot needed to open the gate. At least he just runs for the door to the coach! As you can also see from the picture, Woody is ensconced in his usual chair (thanks Holly and Jan!).
The sunset is at the Pass at Destin Harbour as is our picture! We love the new area around the Emerald Grande and Harbourwalk. When we win the lottery, we're going to buy a condo there!
We are back to thinking about a more permanent place down here! We would miss Christmas dinner at the campground...the food this year was wonderful. We're doing water aerobics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and trying to walk on the other days of the week...too bad that we're eating even more. Who knew that exercise would stimulate your appetite! Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and we're joining friends at Capt. Dave's on the beach for dinner and then back to our beach to watch fireworks. We can see both Destin and Sandestin's fireworks.
Life in retirement just gets better and better! I'm still doing a little bit of editing and consulting, but with the price of gas down, I don't need to work as much! We're still planning on Nova Scotia this summer. Hope you all have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!

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