Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Love those grandkids!

If you've never seen "Ragtime the Musical" you should definitely go! Our beautiful niece (although you can't tell it from this costume) did an incredible job in her role as Emma Goldman inthe play at Belmont University. It was fun seeing Janis and Mike and Janis's mom, but Woody was sick as a dog! I can't believe that Jessica graduates in the spring!

We had a wonderful trip to NC to visit the grandkids. Mimi and Riley made turkey bread, which most of you will recognize as cornbread dressing! We put up the Christmas tree and had a wonderful time. Molly and her clan came for Thanksgiving dinner and Riley and Sebastian played all day with swords and early Christmas presents that Mimi and Grandad brought. I even made train blankets for the little ones! I'm just getting so domestic in my retirement. Jennifer cooked an incredible meal! It's so nice to have a gourmet cook for a daughter-in-law...although I just consider her a daughter! She is wonderful! I'm so blessed to have her trying to control my son!

Unfortunately Ole Miss (her alma mater) destroyed Miss State (Woody's alma mater) so that was the only depressing part of the weekend. The weather was great until we left and we had snow from just outside of Ashville, NC all the way to Cookeville, TN! Slow going when you're out of practice driving in the snow.
We've had a great time catching up with all our friends but I'm so ready to go to Florida! We won't get to spend as much time this year due to my friend the dentist! Still not finished, but I'm taking a month off to run south and then we'll head back north and finish up the mouth! It had better be worth it when all is said and done...although the work so far is divine! I should have done this years ago.
We're off to Las Vegas on Thursday for Libby's wedding...yep, she's going to tie the knot! I'm delighted that she and Led are so happy together...no pressure, but Mimi would like more grandchildren! http://www.parislasvegas.com/ This time we're staying at Paris! We're having dinner with Margaret and then just playing for a bit...not sure what show we'll see; we've about seen them all! My gambling is limited now that we're old and retired.
I'll try to do better on posting more often...we've just been busy busy busy as we say in the Edens household! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

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