Saturday, August 29, 2009

Busy Summer!

Things have been a bit hectic this summer! I have been working for The Oncology Group and traveling a good bit. I'm ready for retirement again! At least for a while.

So it's been weeks since we've chatted. Where to start? Probably the most exciting thing is Miss Libby is pregnant!! Keep Led and Lib in your prayers as they begin the exciting trip through parenthood! I was a bit worried though that she asked me what she would do with a baby after it gets here! Everyone just tells her to call Led's mom or me...hope I remember everything.

I finally entered this century and we bought a 52 inch LCD flat screen TV from Best Buy. Woody and I talked to everyone we knew about our purchase as we are both technologically challenged when it comes to electronics. Everyone said LCD over Plasma so that much we knew. We had been looking at TV's at Sam's because they seemed so cheap. Thank heavens we went to Best Buy...we didn't know about all those other things that you should consider over price. Something like HP, speed, digital compression....I don't know. Talking to our little sales guy was a real education and we're glad we didn't jump the gun...We have a Sony Bravia that is fabulous...watching football is a dream!

Saw Bette Midler on one of my work trips to Las Vegas...and yes, we did work! This was only one night. She is at Caesar's and well worth the time if you are a Bette fan like I am. She has lost a bit of her voice and a step or two but she is still hilarious!! After all at 63, she's in better shape than I am at 60!!! I didn't know what to expect since we usually go to the shows as opposed to the entertainers...she did stand-up comedy that was priceless! Including one fall down comedy bit where she forgot one of her jokes...we thought it was part of the show until Marsha talked to her sister! She had been off for a while. Now on to Cher!

Headed to Jackson last weekend to have lunch with my sister Dana (aka Miss Martha or now Miss Paula) and her hubby! Fantastic lunch...and then off to see my beautiful niece play soccer...she's the beauty pageant queen that's a tomboy! go figure. One of her mean coaches made her practice until she had holes in her knees...well, at least til the skin was scraped off. She got in to play for a bit even though she probably should have rested that torn skin! Miss O is in nursing school at Freed-Hardeman following in her cousin and aunt's footsteps! Wilkes is hanging out playing his music...he is an incredible musician! So the Jackson connection is doing well.
September is looking busy with a trip to East TN for Woody's family reunion, a couple of Titan's football games, and our 25th anniversary cruise to Canada!!! Just a few more months until Florida! I'm ready for beach.
Hope you all are having a wonderful back to Facebook which is occupying all my time!!

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