Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Work! and Play!

I don't even know where to begin! With facebook, I've just drifted away from my blog! I must return....there are so many people and so little time. Where to begin. Since my last entry, I went to Las Vegas for work and to Ohio for work. July and August are really dedicated to The Oncology Group and all our summer work! In between work, we've celebrated Donna's 60th birthday and Holly's whatever day on the Blue Heron, a lovely charter out of Ashland City. A wonderful time was had by all! Holly and Roy went all out on catering this lovely event...I can't believe how much they brought to the boat! But after all, Holly did used to cook on a charter boat! The food was beautiful and tasty...she should cater all the time.
A few friends from Mickey D's headed out to The Catfish House in Springfield for an early bird special...I ate until I was sick! The food was case you're seeing a trend here...I do love to eat. Throw in a few movies with popcorn and chocolate and life is good.
We did just book a cruise to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island for September! Can't wait. We also finally got into the 21st century with a 52" flat screen tv! Can't wait for Notre Dame and Mississippi State games. Can you tell I work for play and fun stuff? Most old retired people don't have the luxury of picking up this kind of supplemental income. Thank you Lord! and my mom for telling me I had to stay at Union in Jackson for college! I figured out a way to get out of Jackson by going to nursing school! Great choice....really wanted to be an archaeologist or astronaut or marine biologist, but girls didn't have those options in the "old days"!
Thanks so much for being patient with can also check out our facebook at Pat Hudson Edens! See you there!

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