Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to take a minute and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and share with you a little Irish prayer from Saint Patrick:

May the strength of God pilot us.
May the power of God preserve us.
May the wisdom of God instruct us.
May the hand of God protect us.
May the way of God direct us.
May the shield of God defend us.

As we enter the holiday season, I get nostalgic for the old days when family fellowship was more important than presents; when seeing the relatives was fun; when cooking was done with love and not obligation; when the children could play outside and be safe; when the only family arguments were over football-GO IRISH; when we all lived close rather than scattered all over the country; when there was peace-although that hasn't happened much in our lifetime so pray for it; when people cared for the poor; when an apology was more important than a grudge; OMG I sound so Leave it to Beaver!!! Yep...I'm definitely old. I'm sounding like my Dad!

Seriously though...have a great time whatever your traditions and locale...and if you're not with your loved ones...give them a call!!!!! I love all of you and Woody and I wish you happy days!

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