Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey, Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and Instant Depression!

Let's see...we ate our selves silly on Thanksgiving and then were subjected to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night = instant depression!! I was born weighing more than the models from last night! And if that's not depressing enough...I'm not even 5'2'' anymore (well if I ever really was). I just don't understand how some people are so genetically blessed and then there's the rest of us! I used to say that at least I had brains until Giselle and Heidi started making a brazillian dollars! So beauty and brains...what's a normal old broad supposed to do? Fruit cake anyone?

We did have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Libby and Led and Savannah and Marilyn and tons of friends...I made the dressing, or turkey bread as Riley calls it, cheese cakes and Publix's finest cajun crab dip and spinach dip. Led fries dozens of turkeys for everyone...he's a good boy...and Libby and all her friends made tons of great food. We kidnapped Savannah after dinner so the kiddos could play poker and party all night. Thanks for a wonderful Thanksgiving...we're blessed to have wonderful friends and family.

Now to go see Riley, Chris and Jennifer in Chapel Hill by way of Harrah's Casino in Cherokee, NC! Now that they have moved about 100 miles further, Grandad really doesn't need to drive for 10 hours and Mimi just has to help him out by letting him rest at 250 miles which just happens to be at one of my favorite casinos...and Paula Deen's restaurant doesn't hurt! So now you see why I'll never look like a Victoria's Secret model! Then off to Greenville, SC to finish up a consulting gig with some incredibly wonderful people...if you ever get sick in Greenville...go to St. Francis Hospital...wonderful care!

Hope you've all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and are ready to ramp up for Christmas! I've finished all my shopping, put up our tiny tree, and mailed all my Christmas and Holiday cards today. Don't you hate me? I may not be tall, thin and blonde, but I'm a heck of an old semi retired broad! Now relax and enjoy the season...and don't forget what it's all about! Thank you Lord for all our many blessings!

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