Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walk the Walk People!

I am struggling a bit in my life right now...there are so many bad things going on in the world that effecting change seems insurmountable. From child abuse at Penn State to continuing economic downturn for the middle class to hungry children in the wealthiest country (that would still be us I think), I wonder how one semi-retired person can even begin to make a difference. When I work, I know that I can impact change in cancer care for the better, but as an individual, can I really impact change in the lives of others? Woody and I had been talking about the fact that Meals on Wheels in Sumner County couldn't meet the needs of those who needed help...and then we started talking about the Samaritan Center Food Bank. We love the Samaritan Center...they are a wonderful not for profit group that serves Sumner County. While I was working this week, Woody went by and talked to them about what they needed. He said the shelves of food were almost bare! While all of us are cutting back on discretionary spending, the majority of us have sufficient food and shelter. We are heading out on Monday to buy food to donate to our local food bank...usually we do things like this quietly as we don't feel the need to talk about good works, but this time I may shout it from the roof tops! If just one person accepts the challenge to walk the walk and donate food, I'll take the heat for talking about good works rather than keeping quiet like we usually do. the high horse!

Spent most of the past week in Greenville, SC doing a little work. There are some of the most wonderful people in the cancer program at St. Francis Hospital. Their efforts to enhance their program and better serve their community are laudable. Got home around midnight on reminded me that I'm not as young as I used to be but while I'm working, I am energized. Not enough to go back to full time...but, well you get the picture.

After resting up on Thursday, we picked up Little Miss Dangerous, AKA Savannah (or Nannah as she calls herself), for a sleepover on Friday night. We went to Shane's for dinner...she loves beans and chicken strips and of course we had a coupon! We had great plans for Saturday, but we were having so much fun here at the house that we didn't go anywhere but WallyWorld to pick up a few things. They have some of the cutest little $5 jogging suits that are perfect for daycare. We did puzzles and read and painted Thomas the train! I think you don't always have to spend a lot to entertain your grandchildren! So the tip of the day is give the gift of time to your grandchildren...listen to them, play with them and give them unconditional love. Sometimes that's better than almost anything you can do, except maybe take them to Disney!

We're so excited...we're heading over to Chapel Hill to see Riley....oh and her mommy and daddy too. We don't get to see her as much as we'd like. We had a great Labor Day weekend with both Riley and Savannah but it's still too long between visits. That's one problem that many of us grandparents' share...our kiddos live too far away to see them often. Even retired, we just don't seem to find as much time as we'd like to visit. Or maybe our kids are just too busy!

So this week...walk the walk and do something good for an organization that is serving the needy in your community...I promise you'll feel better than you thought possible! And love on your grandchildren if they are close or send them a card if they are far away! Hugs from H'ville!

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