Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Silver Springs, Florida

We spent the day at Silver Springs and had a great time! It's like old Florida ! I took well over 150 shots and this was the best! I didn't know what I had until I got home and pulled it up on the computer. These monkeys are wild and were put on an island in the early 1920's...the man was going to do tours so people could see the monkeys but he didn't realize they could swim! Currently there are 100's of them and they've gone from Central Florida to Jacksonville , Tampa and points south! This was as we were coming off one of the river tours. Lunch time with momma monkey! Still selling pictures online so I just keep taking them! We have a black snake here, but I haven't had my camera when he was up and about! I'm becoming quite the naturalist! Finally got my Blue Heron shot!!!
Lots of excitement in Ocala! We were hit by lightening on Saturday and lost two major electrical boards! Thankfully it only took out the back air conditioner and electric to the refrigerator. In an RV, you have redundent systems! Our refrigerator is running on propane and the front AC is cooling the back quite nicely! Not a meat locker, but certainly ok even for me!

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