Sunday, July 8, 2007

What moron picked Ocala in July=Pat

What moron picked Ocala in July? That would be me! It's in the mid 90's and realllly hot! We went to see the new Bruce Willis movie...Live Free or Die one ever! It had just a bit of computers for me and lots of mayhem for both of us! We're having a good time, but next year it's Maine in the summer!!!!! Libby and Led went to the race last night in Daytona...they've had a week in Daytona and said they had a blast! It did rain some but didn't seem to bother them. Chris and Jen are at the beach house with Will and Riley. Watched a bit of Wimbledon this weekend and so glad Venus and Roger won! I still love tennis...we have our racquets with us but it's too hot to play! About the only think I do is head to the pool. We're still talking about Disney the end of August...I think we're going to leave the coach here and find a pet friendly hotel...or maybe fly down in November! The boys are having an ok time, but we had to put up sun screens on the front windows of the RV so they are relagated to the side windows because of our position and the sun. We've taken Harley out several times on his leash and he does well until a car or loud people come by and then he heads for home! Better that than running away! He told me he misses Billy Bob.

I have an editing job starting's for the company from Tokyo. We'll see how it goes! Should be a little gas money! I have another one pending, but it's going to be quite complex. We'll see. I work M, Tu, and Fri 9-12 in the office here and then Woody works the afternoons so I should have time to get most of the work done while he's out and about the park! I love retirement!

I'm writing a song right now so my haiga's are suffering. I did take a few shots of a cool hawk here in the park but just haven't seen much to shoot as of yet. We are going to Silver Springs on Wed when we're both off...hopefully I'll see some good shots! I need to get some more pictures on Big Stock Photo as my sales are dropping! Busy Busy Busy!!!

We miss you all!

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