Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Woody and Pat are Working!

We're here in Ocala, Florida at the Ocala RV Camp and Resort! Our first Workamping job! For the uninitiated, workamping is where we work free and the park gives us a free site for the RV! We work 20 hours a week and don't get paid but the site is worth about $500-900 a month depending on location and time of year! plus no taxes! The fun part is that they needed Woody an additional 10 hours so he gets money!!!! He's making $6.75 an hour!!! He's the pool boy and yesterday was the ant boy! He rode around in the golf cart and put chemicals on ant hills! Some are fire ants so there is much danger! I work in the office but my danger is having to wear green! You know I rarely wear green! I learned a new computer program, Campground Manager! Now I have a skill! That should keep me in the office and in the air conditioning.

We got to leave on Sunday thanks to a great mobile RV service! Once we got the battery fixed, we got to a KOA camp in Forsyth, GA in a blinding rain storm on an unlevel lot and the leveling jacks wouldn't work! We found RVMedic, another mobile service in Ocala, and Ray fixed us on the 4th of July! Now I have to struggle with Winnebago to get reimbursed...even if I can't, it's worth it not to have to take this thing and the boys and all my food in the refrig which would spoil, to a dealer and wait to get fixed...I do so love life on the road!

Today is the 4th of July and Woody is working and I'm off! This is absolutely wonderful! I slept late...had coffee...checked email...and later, we're going to the pool and cook out! Enjoy your holiday!

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Laurie Thornton said...

I'm glad to hear that Woody is working to his potential at $6.75 a year. I would have thought though, that with all his sales experience and, he would have negotiated at least $7.00! Glad to hear you're enjoying retirement!

Love to you both!

Laurie and Claire