Saturday, December 1, 2007

We're in Destin!

We arrived in Destin last night! Here are pictures! We spent all day decorating for Christmas! Wanted to share our campground, the beach (that's our RV window so we're close), our Christmas trees, Woody and Andy resting after working, and our great neighborhood! Million dollar+ houses just out our back door...if we had a back door!

Jan and Holly...check out the chairs! very jealous...we're done with our Christmas shopping and it's been mailed, and the trees ( 3 of them) are up! I don't know if you can see it but the Welcome Flamingo you gave us is holding the wreath and the sign that says "home is where you park it"!
The blue screen room is Harley and Andy's. Harley prefers the one in Hendersonville but will take what he can get right now. There are dogs everywhere, but Harley is the only cat walking on a leash!
We've already hit Buster's and Pompano Joe's! Our two favorite restaurants! Tomorrow we rest, watch football, and then I have to work a bit. Cathy and Dawn and Taiwan are keeping me busy!

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