Friday, January 4, 2008

Family Time!

We're so excited that Estelle and David have joined us in Destin...well really, Miramar Beach. They arrived yesterday, and after lots of oysters, shrimp and key lime, of course, we got down to canasta! Last year Estelle and I trounced the boys, but tonight we were slaughtered! We lost by like 2 million! Well maybe, not that much...but lots. It's quite cut throat and after some disagreement about who won last year's tourney, we have a book where we record scores and have to sign just like a golf scorecard.

It's finally getting warmer here with temps heading back into the 60's and low 70's this weekend. We didn't unhook our water filter and hose a few nights ago...the filter froze and popped! Last night we unhooked! Hopefully we will not have any more freezing nights...I just read that it was so cold in Miami that the iguanas fell out of the trees. Apparently they fall asleep when it gets cold and then they fall out of the trees. So, if you're walking in Miami, watch for falling iguanas.

Riley and Will went skiing this week...Riley was quick to say she would rather be on the intercoastal fishing! Thanks Jen for the pictures and a wicked snowplow from my son! Glad he didn't forget how to ski on ice...go for some powder next. You'll be surprised how much better you can ski when there isn't ice!

This week has been fun with lots of walking on the beach, in the park, in the antique malls, and of course, WalMart! Sunday will be a challenge...Giants vs. whomever and Titans vs. Chargers! We'll be glued to the TV for both games. I've edited a bunch this week and actually started to work on a few of my own articles that I need to get submitted! Sold another picture this week..I have pictures in the camera that I need to get on to the computer! I thought I was retired!

I'm about over my Helio and Julianne's just not looking too good for the couple. They were so cute together! I'll still watch him race though which is good for the sport. Dancing with the Stars starts back in March! I'll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

Our new friends Pat and Bob are heading into Mexico on the 8th...good luck guys and safe travels. Check out his new blog... I'm his unofficial blog helper!

Woody says hello to all! and he is the king of canasta! Boo hiss!

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